Let’s build bridges, not walls.

Open and fair. In our personal interactions – in particular when facing different backgrounds and opinions.

Brave and creative. We create new paths – and mistakes happen along the way. We favor “quick recovery” over “zero tolerance”.

Mindful and humble. Here and Now – that’s our credo. With passion and focus. This is the source of energy for our work and for high- quality results. Client results are in the limelight, not the consultant.

Collaborative and with humor. With independent, sovereign voices who enjoy working together



Partnerships are the foundation of our work

Trusting and responsible. Projects are partnerships with our clients – not just a job. Building trust takes time to explore new paths together. And it only takes a minimum of formal contracts. With our clients we work on difficult decisions and change. We are aware of our responsibility as consultants.

Passionate and upright. We do not take our work just as a means to an end. For us, “simplicity” means honesty, straightforwardness and leaving tactics and bureaucracy aside.

Sustainable. Today – not at the expense of tomorrow. Here – not at the expense of somewhere else.