How we work – Balance of mind & brain

When should you have us in mind?

When facing tricky questions with wide-ranging impact, that need a fresh view and which should lead to clear strategic decisions

When previous strategic decisions are still «vague» and in need of being clearly specified in order to deliver value for the business

When there are promising new technologies but their specific application and value is not yet sufficiently clear

When the communication of technical and complex topics between (top-)management and operational teams needs to be improved

When specifying and implementing change requires «Fingerspitzengefühl»: i.e. conscious and deliberate stakeholder management

When projects and change require independent diplomacy across «silos» within the organization

Our Company Portrait

… here is the current and somewhat extensive versions of our profile. Feel free to reach out and discuss! We’ll be updating these working pages with emerging and new thoughts along the way.

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